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Open Calls

No conferences listed.

Archived Calls For Papers

cfp deadlineconferencefromtourl
CFP: SEGAH2016CFP: SEGAH201613 November 2015Serious Games and Applications for Health11 May 201613 May 2016
CFP: SGDA2014CFP: SGDA201412 May 2014Serious Games Development and Applications9 October 201410 October 2014
CFP: SGISA2014CFP: SGISA201425 April 2014Serious Gaming Institute South Africa27 August 201428 August 2014
CFP: ISG2014CFP: ISG201415 December 2013International Conference on Gerontechnology18 June 201421 June 2014
CFP: FDG2014CFP: FDG20149 December 2013Foundation of Digital Games3 April 20147 April 2014
CFP: SEGAH2014CFP: SEGAH20141 December 2013Serious Games and Applocations for Health14 May 201416 May 2014
CFP: CHI2014CFP: CHI201418 September 2013Human Factors in Computing Systems26 April 20141 May 2014
CFP: SecureYourFutureCFP: SecureYourFuture13 September 2013Multimedia game, Secure Your Future13 September 201313 September 2013
CFP: G4HEU2013CFP: G4HEU20137 June 2013Games for Health Europe28 October 201329 October 2013
CFP: GALA2013CFP: GALA201331 May 2013The Games and Learning Alliance conference23 October 201325 October 2013
CFP: SGDA2013CFP: SGDA201330 April 2013Serious Games Development and Applications25 September 201327 September 2013
CFP: VS-GAMES13CFP: VS-GAMES1325 March 2013Virtual worlds and Serious Play11 September 201313 September 2013
CFP: E-Virtuosis2013CFP: E-Virtuosis20133 March 2013scientific convention, dedicated to the use of games and play (digital or not) for utilitarian purposes,3 June 20134 June 2013
CFP: SOSC2013CFP: SOSC20131 March 2013Serious Games and Social Connect25 August 201326 August 2013
CFP: SouthCHI2013CFP: SouthCHI201314 February 2013
18 February 2013
Human Factors in Computing and Informatics1 July 20143 July 2014
CFP: ISAGA2013CFP: ISAGA20138 February 2013International Simulation and Gaming Association24 June 201329 June 2013
CFP: VS-GAMES12CFP: VS-GAMES1215 June 2012Virtual worlds and Serious Play29 October 201231 October 2012
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