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Articles, PhD thesis, and Booklets.

Hiemstra:2018Djoerd Hiemstra
Nico W. Van Yperen
Marieke E. Timmerman
Students' effort allocation to their perceived strengths and weaknesses: The moderating effect of instructional strategy Article2018
Rohn:2018bAnne Rohn
Stven de Rooij
De Meester de Baas; een serious game voor leerkrachten over hoogbegaafdheidArticle2018
Singh:2018Abhigyan Singh
Alex T. Strating
N.A. Romero Herrera
Debotosh Mahato
David V. Keyson
Hylke W. van Dijk
Exploring peer-to-peer returns in off-grid renewable energy systems in rural India: An anthropological perspective on local energy sharing and tradingArticle2018
Hiemstra:2018bDjoerd HiemstraWat is talent? naar een inclusieve benadering van talentontwikkelingArticle2018
Rohn:2018Anne Rohn
Steven de Rooij
Herkenning en erkenning van hoogbegaafde leerlingen in het basisonderwijsArticle2018
Kerstens:2017Joyce Kerstens
Sander Veenstra
Digitaal vaardige jongeren inzetten bij politewerkArticle2017
Tjalsma:2017Uilke TjalsmaSpelenderwijs; serious gaming is een blijvertjeArticle2017
Hiemstra:2017Djoerd Hiemstra
Anne Zagt
Developing Communication Competencies Through E-Learning: The Motivating Potential of Adaptive Video Role PlayInProceedings2017
Singh:2017Abhigyan Singh
Alex T. Strating
N.A. Romero Herrera
Hylke W. van Dijk
David V. Keyson
Towards an ethnography of electrification in rural India: Social relations and values in household energy exchangesArticle2017
Zagt:2017Anne Zagt
Steven de Rooij
Djoerd Hiemstra
Leren in flow; Gamification en serious gaming in het onderwijsArticle2017
Kuipers:2017Kuipers, Derek A.
Terlouw, Gijs
Wartena, Bard O.
van 't Veer, Job
Prins, Jelle T.
Pierie, Jean Pierre
The Role of Transfer in Designing Games and Simulations for Health: Systematic ReviewArticle2017
Hiemstra:2016Djoerd HiemstraFocus on your strengths?; {T}he role of perceived relative strengths versus weaknesses in learning effortPhdThesis2016
Kuipers:2016Derek A. Kuipers
Bard O. Wartena
Boudewijn H. Dijkstra
Gijs Terlouw
Job T.B. van t Veer
Hylke W. van Dijk
Jelle T. Prins
Jean Pierre E.N. Pierie
{iLift}: A health behavior change support system for lifting and transfer techniques to prevent lower-back injuries in healthcareArticle2016
VanDijk:2016Ludger van DijkThe reality of practice; {A}n action systems approach to serious gamingPhdThesis2016
Tabak:2016Monique Tabak
Frederiek A. de Vette
Hylke W. van Dijk
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten
A mobile activity game for elderly people to promote a physically active lifestyle, anywhere and anytimeInProceedings2016
Zagt:2016Anne Zagt
Djoerd Hiemstra
De motiverende werking van adaptive video role playArticle2016
LudgerVanDijk:2016Ludger van Dijk
Corry K. van der Sluis
Hylke W. van Dijk
Raoul M. Bongers
Learning an EMG Controlled Game: Task-Specific Adaptations and TransferArticle2016
Hiemstra:2015Hiemstra, Djoerd
Van Yperen, Nico W
The effects of strength-based versus deficit-based self-regulated learning strategies on students' effort intentionsArticle2015
Singh:2015aAbhigyan Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Bard O. Wartena
Natalia Romero
David Keyson
Electric City: Uncovering Social Dimensions and Values of Sharing Renewable Energy through GamingInProceedings2015
NoopurSingh:2015Noopur Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Adelita V. Ranchor
Robbert Sanderman
Family Support to Improve Physical Activity in COPD: Game as a Research ToolInProceedings2015
Wartena:2015Bard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Play It Safe; A Situational Game for Occupational SafetyInProceedings2015
Tabak:2015Monique Tabak
Marit Dekker-van Weering
Hylke W. van Dijk
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten
Promoting Daily Physical Activity by Means of Mobile Gaming: A Review of the State of the ArtArticle2015
NoopurSingh:2015bNoopur Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Adelita V. Ranchor
Robbert Sanderman
Enabling Family Support for COPD patients through GameInProceedings2015
Bork:2015Sarah Bork
Jan P.L. Schoormans
Sacha Silvester
Peter Joore
How actors can influence the legitimation of new consumer product categories: A theoretical framework Article2015
LudgerVanDijk:2015Ludger van Dijk
Corrie van der Sluis
Hylke W. van Dijk
Raoul Bongers
Task-oriented gaming for transfer to prosthesis useArticle2015
Singh:2015bAbhigyan Singh
Hylke van Dijk
Natalia Romero
David Keyson
Enabling New Practices of Renewable Energy Sharing: A Cross-Cultural ApproachInProceedings2015
SinghA:2014Abhigyan Singh
Bard O. Wartena
{TAQE}; Energy sharing through meaningful playInProceedings2014
Wartena:2014Bard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Ludo Modi Varietas; A Game-architecture inspired design approach for BCSSInProceedings2014
VanDijk:2014H.W. van Dijk
B.O. Wartena
G. Wiersma
J. Botger
Chasing the sinusoid: Extrinsic motivation and monitoring of friction loaded squat exercise trainingInProceedings2014
Kuipers:2013bDijkstra, A.
Dijkstra, B.
Kuipers, D. A.
Educate healthcare professionals in transfer and lifting techniques through serious exer-gamingInProceedings2013
Wartena:2013bBard O. Wartena
Hylke W. van Dijk
Bias Blaster Aiding Cognitive Bias Modification-Interpretation through a bubble shooter induced game-flowArticle2013
Hiemstra:2013Hiemstra, Djoerd
Bohlmeijer, Ernst
Bolier, L
Westerhof, G
Walburg, JA
De Sterke-kanten-benadering: Persoonlijke Kwaliteiten als Hefboom voor VeranderingArticle2013
Wartena:2013cBard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Play It Safe; Subliminal Learning Through a Situational Occupational Safety GameArticle2013
SinghA:2013aAbhigyan Singh
Martha Larson
Narrative-driven Multimedia Tagging and Retrieval: Investigating Design and Practice for Speech-based Mobile ApplicationsInProceedings2013
Kuipers:2013Kuipers, Derek A.
Wartena, Bard O.
Dijkstra, Ate
Prins, Jelle T.
Pierie, Jean-Pierre E.N.
Design for TransferInProceedings2013
SinghA:2013cLarson, Martha
Rajput, Nitendra
Singh, Abhigyan
Srivastava, Saurabh
I want to be Sachin Tendulkar!: a spoken english cricket game for rural studentsInProceedings2013
Wartena:2013Bard Wartena
Derek Kuipers
Jelle Drost
Mobile Adaptive Therapeutic Tool In psycho-Education {(M.A.T.T.I.E.)}. Design principles for a persuasive application tailor-made for adolescents with a mild intellectual disability.Article2013
Winter:2012Ton de WinterEnablers and qualifiers for the Novel Creative Industry: a case studyInProceedings2012
Winter:2012bTon de WinterEnablers and qualifiers for the Novel Creative IndustryArticle2012
Hylke:2012Hylke W. van DijkSerious Gaming en de Design ParadoxLecture2012
Hiemstra:2011bDjoerd HiemstraTalentontwikkeling: Toepassing van de strengths-based development benadering in het onderwijsArticle2011

Presentations and Workshops

P-Marel:2016Floris van der Marel
Sine Celik
Sarah Bork
Hylke W. van Dijk
The Boating Party; simulating sustainable boating in FryslanWorkshop2016
P-Wielens:2015Jop WielensConfessions of an Indie Game DeveloperPresentation2015
P-Kuiper:2013gDerek A. Kuipers{MATTIE}, a mobile adaptive therapeutic tool in psycho-educationPresentation2013
P-Kuiper:2013fDerek A. Kuipers
B.A. Dijkstra
J.J Severs
{iLIFT}, a serious exergame to improve lifting and transfer techniques of healthcare professionalsa mobile adaptive therapeutic tool in psycho-educationPresentation2013
P-Kuiper:2013aDerek A. Kuipers
Matt Landes
Serious Gaming: Meaningful Play through Metaphorical RecontextualisationPresentation2013
P-Kuiper:2013eDerek A. Kuipers
B.O. Wartena
Metaphorical Recontextualisation, onderzoek door gamingPresentation2013
P-Kuiper:2013cDerek A. KuipersTechnologische evolutie, Sociale revolutiePresentation2013
P-Kuiper:2013dDerek A. Kuipers
B.O. Wartena
The road to {M.A.T.T.I.E.}Presentation2013
P-Dijkstra:2012bBoudewijn Dijkstra
Derek Kuipers
i{Lift} - hands on demo of a serious learning game aiming to change the way Healthcare practitioners learn to apply lifting and transfer techniquesPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2012cHylke W. van DijkSitgamesPresentation2012
P-Kuipers:2012Derek Kuipersi{LIFT}: Meaningful play through metaphorical recontextualisation in Serious GamingPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2012bHylke W. van Dijk
Boudewijn Dijkstra
Gezond oud worden met serious games; inspiratie als innovatiePresentation2012
P-Dijkstra:2012Boudewijn DijkstraOutlines and goals of the applied research project i{Lift} - Educate health practitioners in transfers and lifting techniques through serious gamesPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2012Hylke W. van Dijk
Jan Jaap Severs
{HaSeGa}: Healthy Aging through Serious GamingPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2011Hylke W. van Dijk
Friso Roolvink
Serious Games in de klasPresentation2011

Masters and Bachelors Thesis

WiersmaHoning:2017Erwin Wiersma
Gerard van der Honing
Meester de Baas; Inkijk in de creatieve denkwijze van een hoogbegaafde leerling door middel van het spelen van een gameBachelorsThesis2017
Hollander:2017Jelmer HollanderSlimme Schaats; onderzoeksverslagBachelorsThesis2017
Hageman:2016Eva HagemanDe Legitimiteit van Productcategoriee\"{e}nBachelorsThesis2016
Krabbe:2016Silvan KrabbeSpelenderwijs op weg naar fysieke fitheidBachelorsThesis2016
Klaassens:2015Hugo KlaassensMeasuring engagement in videogames: Past experiencesBachelorsThesis2015
DalfsenRezel:2014Matthias van Dalfsen
Nick Rezel
Sharing is fun to playBachelorsThesis2014
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