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Using this MediaWiki and its extensions

BEWARE ths wiki is Case sensitive. The Wiki convention is to capitalise the first letter. We can automate that, but it interferes with some extensions. Thus, please use

[[Key::Value]] and [[Key:Subkey::Value]]

rather than [[key::value]]

Need help? first try: Help:Contents


Semantic Wiki

This wiki has been extended with Semantic Wiki, see [1] for the user manual. A brief introduction is available from Help:Using semantics

From the FAQ:

  • How to refresh a page; Add "&action=purge".


The ParserFunction extension allows you 'program' Page content to some extent. See [online ParserFunctions Help] for its options.

PDF handler

PDF Handler allows previews of uploaded pdf files. See also Help:Add Image from upload.

File Upload

When editing a Page you get the opportunity to upload files. Courtesy of MsUpload].

See Help:Add Image from upload for an example.

Html5 media player

Html5media embed video's and the like

See Help:Embed video for an example


Module has been disabled -- BUT read this

We are considering an alternative solution using a local -- on the server that is -- subversion working directory and possibly automatically upload parts of it using pywikibot. However is looks that pywikibot triggers errors: PHP Fatal error: Base lambda function for closure not found .

In the mean time a local copy of the /svn/sega/pub repository is available as /var/svn/pub. A script to synchronise the repository and the working copy can be issued through the staff pages: svnupdate (staff only).

Obsolete part We use SVN for binary data repository. Images etc are stored and maintained in our local Subversion repository. See Help:Add Image from SVN repository for the use of images through svn.

Simple Security: Lockdown

We installed [2] an extension to mediawiki to control access to certain Namespace.

See Help:Restrict access for more information.


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


Getting started:

Using this SeGa webserver and its services

The SeGa server runs Debian distribution, using apache 2 as a webserver; what else? Here are some included services


A limited set of directories support h264 streaming through the h264-streaming mod. H264 streaming requires h264 encoding.


No luck yet in creating a working script under Debian stable for h264 transcoding. ffmpeg on Debian stable lacks h264 encoder support. It has x264, but piping is awkward.


On a Mac OSX system consider using the open source tool: [HandBrake]

We had some success using:

  • video codec: h264 (x264)
  • fps: as source
  • size: 854 x 480
  • avg. bitrate: 960
  • 2 pass encoding
  • x264 preset: medium


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