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The research group Serious Gaming of the [NHL University of Applied Sciences] bridges socially relevant and serious objectives into concrete artifacts of the creative and gaming industry. Our research is oriented to a practical yet systematic method of exploring elements of game technology and game play, which combined with a decomposition of the serious objective yields a concept for a serious game. Serious games implement measurable targets through motivated and inspired play. The field of serious games is very wide. At the NHL we concentrate on situational games (sitgames). Games that are played in interaction with a particular situation.

The research focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of serious games, thus bringing together the design, realisation, and implementation of game technology for a specific purpose. The research is practically oriented, deployed in a range of projects. Currently these projects are in mainly in health care, health cure and safety. See SeGa Projects for a complete overview of past and current projects.

Tangible experience turns out to be an important instrument in the communication with professionals in the field. This instrument will materialise in an Experience laboratory. The eXperience lab

  • offers a realistic environment to validate and develop proof of concept
  • offers a surrogate context to inspire professionals for the deployment of innovative methods and tools
  • offers an ideation space for design of innovative processes
  • offers an observatory and control room for the interaction with field labs

The experience lab thus is part of a network of laboratories such as

  • prototype labs such as Gameship and the computer vision lab.
  • context labs, such as the GEEF lab, for elderly care and MIWB, a ship simulator.
  • Field labs, such as ZoZ fysiolab for elderly care and the Burgemeester Harmsa school lab
  • Living lab, such Achter de Hoven, a lab for social innovation, and the sustainable renovation lab.


AbhigyanAbhigyan Singh MScPhD candidatea.singh@nhl.nl
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DerekKuipersDerek Kuipers MScPhD candidated.kuipers@nhl.nl
DjoerdHiemstraDjoerd Hiemstra PhDScientistd.hiemstra@nhl.nl
EricvoigtEric Voigt MAScientiste.voigt@nhl.nl
GerdienDijkstraGerdien DijkstraAccount managergerdien.dijkstra@nhl.nl
HedwigSingelenbergHedwig SingelenbergOffice managerhedwig.singelenberg@nhl.nl
HylkeDr.ir. Hylke W. van DijkLector (prof.) Serious Gamingh.w.vandijk@nhl.nl
+31 646064 730
JanFerwedaJan FerwedaProject managerj.j.ferweda@nhl.nl
NoopurNoopur Singh MScPhD candidatenoopur.singh@nhl.nl
SakeJanVelthuisSake Jan Velthuis MScScientists.j.velthuis@nhl.nl
SarahBorkir. Sarah BorkPhD candidates.bork@nhl.nl
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