News item: 2016-12-12 15:30

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Date: 12-12-2016
Launching TIAS app, therapeutic tool for apraxia of speech

In 2011 we engaged in the SeTas research project. Today a first commercial app has been launched by UMCG centre for rehabilitation and Wildsea

TIAS app small.png

The [TIAS app] is a therapeutic tool to support the interaction between speech therapist and a patient suffering from apraxia of speech, which is typically the result of brain injury. TIAS allows therapists to cast patient-specific exercises and tools for patients te regather their ability to initiate speech again. Patients can practice together with their therapist or individually at a time of their convenience. TIAS is based on a limited set of mechanics and sparsely uses game technology to maintain the flow of exercises and support tools.

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