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Serious Gaming Group, NHL University of Applied Sciences



Serious Gaming Group
Rengerslaan 10, 8917 DD Leeuwarden
POBox 1080, 8900 CB Leeuwarden
T: +31 58 251 1134


Name Position Topic Contact Hylke W. van Dijk Lector (prof.) Serious Gaming Serious Gaming Architecting Hylke
ir Bard Wartena PhD candidate Autonomy in games Bard
Eric Voigt MA Scientist Situational storytelling Eric
Derek Kuipers MSc PhD candidate Contextual reconfiguration Derek
Abhigyan Singh MSc PhD candidate Energy Sharing Abhigyan
ir. Sarah Bork PhD candidate Legitimacy Sarah
Noopur Singh MSc PhD candidate Patient adherence Noopur
Sake Jan Velthuis MSc Scientist Interactive Marketing Sake Jan
Djoerd Hiemstra PhD Scientist Simulation and Gaming Djoerd
Steven de Rooij, MSc Scientist Simulation and Gaming Steven
Uilke Tjalsma MEd Scientist Gaming, Safety, and Education Uilke
Anne Rohn MSc Scientist Interaction with gifted pupils Anne
Jan Ferweda Project manager Creative Technology Jan
Gerdien Dijkstra Account manager Creative Technology Gerdien
Hedwig Singelenberg Office manager Creative Technology Hedwig

Researchers in Residence

Name Position Topic Contact
Tonnie Diljens Storytelling Ongezouten


Name Topic Contact
Boaz Kwakman Future business models for game consoles
Wendy-Jouyce Verkerk COTS games in child rehabilitation
Lars Alserda COTS games in child rehabilitation
Matthias van Dalfsen Electric City
René Hoekstra Multilayer urban gaming
John de Jong Multilayer urban gaming
Isaias Guardiola Multilayer urban gaming
Eric Hobma Gaittraining on a GRAIL
Nick R Gaittraining on a GRAIL
Hugo Klaasens Biomarkers to drive game design
Silvan Krabbe Personale Enhancement System
Jelmer Hollander Visual feedback in speed skating
Erwin Wiersma Interaction with gifted pupils
Gerard van der Honing Game mechanics executable library
Cynthia Struikmans Cluster analysis for Smart City Services

Former members

Name Position Topic Contact
ing. Jildert Hoekstra Programmer Game Technology Development for research Jildert
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