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Serious Games Database

This is initiative project of the Lectoraat Serious Gaming for collecting information about serious games. The project is in a concepting phase. Please be patient.

Sematic Wiki

We use a semantic wiki format to experiment with a serious gaming database.

You can browse the database through the predefined listings below, or search the database through the Special:Ask page.

You can contribute by

  • copy the Game Template
  • Creating a game page; type the page name in the search field and hit Go
  • paste the template
  • fill it

Links to online databases

For the initial setup of the SeGaDatabase we consulted a number of online databases

Alternative databases

Courtesy of Linked in Serious Games Research

Add on from linked in Serious Games group

Browse by property

AudienceAge cohort of players
CiteReference to other material
CostsEstimate of development cost
DeveloperDevelopment team
EngineGame engine
GameformThe form of the game e.g., Console, ARG, SitGame
GameplayThe game play, action etc.
GametypeType of game, single, multi, or massive
GoalOne liner to the objective of the game
IconURL to an impression
LearningReflects the learning principles of a game
ObservationReflects the mechanism that measure achievement of the goal
PersuasionReflects the mechanisms to persuade players.
PlatformThe hardware platform
PlayersRough estimated of the number of players
PublisherThe publisher or producer of a game
ReleasedThe release year of a game
SourceReference to source
TopicKeyword for the objective
TrailerURL to a show reel of the game
WebsiteURL to the launching website


Americas ArmyOne liner to the objective of the game
Beste Ei2013Give insight into logistics process
Darfur is DyingOne liner to the objective of the game
Kinetic CityOne liner to the objective of the game
Re-Mission2006engage young cancer patients
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