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SitGame is realisation of a Property:Gameform.

Situational games (sitgames) are played on the spot in interaction with the actual situation.

A SitGame is part of the SitGames research line.




CountYourselfHappyClosedInnovation in on-site safety awareness through situational games
CulturalBridgeConceptedArt and Sound application to bridge cultures
Digital DioramaClosedDigital version of a diorama, a mobile theatre device
Energy SharingActive
Inter-household ‘Sharing’ of Renewable Energy
EntrepreneurialQualitiesConceptedassessing the entrepreneurial qualities of students using interactive game technology
IGRS:Social InnovationConceptedSocial inovation through Micro interventions for sustainable liveability
IGRS:SustainableEnergyConceptedE-market, barter trading energy and service
OrgSpiegelAppActiveOrganisation mirror app, interface for interviewers
OrganisatieSpiegelActiveOrganisation mirror to unobtrusively measure fitness for change of organisations
Patient AdherenceActive
Patient adherence to recommended activity
PlayItSafe-RaakClosedInnovation in on-site safety awareness through situational games
QuarmaClosedGames in the public space using QR codes
Quarma:experienceConceptedExperience using games in the public space using QR codes
Resources4ResidentsConceptedResources for Residents is project to create awareness for (future) property owners about their living environment
Road Safety GamesActiveGames to improve safety of road workers
SeGaLogoClosedA dynamic logo for serious gaming
Sense and the CitySubmittedParticipatory sensing in the build environment
SpotNewsConceptedCreate a sitgame that sources local events on the spot
TheFutureNowClosedBusiness modeling and stress testing for future media
TsiuActivePlayground laboratory to further development and application of serious gaming technology
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