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Lector (prof.) Serious Gaming, Lectoraat Member since 2011-01
Research topic: Serious Gaming Architecting Hylke W. van Dijk is professor (lector) Serious Gaming. The research group works on the multidisciplinary aspects of serious games such their design, their realisation, and implementation. The research interests of dr. Van Dijk include multidisicplinary aspects of serious game architecture and situational games. Tangible experience is an integral aspect of his research method.



Phone: +31 646064 730
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Short Bio Hylke W. van Dijk is professor and head of the Serious Gaming group (2011), where he works towards the application of game and media technology for serious purposes, in various domains. The serious gaming group is founded in communication and multimedia design, gradually including technological aspects from the field engineering and information technology. Dr van Dijk's background is in distributed and multidisciplinary system. Hylke holds a PhD (2004) from Delft University of Technology that analyses the complexity of developing augmented reality systems. He participated in many national and international projects with different scopes, often in a system architect like role. To give an impression, Moose (2002) concentrated on the software engineering process for embedded systems, Teaha (2005) enabled seamless integration of security and services in the home environment, Protem (2007) used probe storage for archival systems, and iLand(2009 and ongoing) develops opportunistic processing. Hylke is also founder, architect, and coordinator of SmartXp(2009, University Twente), the first of its kind experience laboratory, which brings together students, researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of ICT. SmartXp cultivates experience, such that it becomes a tool to convey expertise and to enable symbioses.


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Serious Gaming Publications


Nr of publications: 15

Singh:2017Abhigyan Singh
Alex T. Strating
N.A. Romero Herrera
Hylke W. van Dijk
David V. Keyson
Towards an ethnography of electrification in rural India: Social relations and values in household energy exchangesArticle2017
Tabak:2016Monique Tabak
Frederiek A. de Vette
Hylke W. van Dijk
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten
A mobile activity game for elderly people to promote a physically active lifestyle, anywhere and anytimeInProceedings2016
LudgerVanDijk:2016Ludger van Dijk
Corry K. van der Sluis
Hylke W. van Dijk
Raoul M. Bongers
Learning an EMG Controlled Game: Task-Specific Adaptations and TransferArticle2016
Kuipers:2016Derek A. Kuipers
Bard O. Wartena
Boudewijn H. Dijkstra
Gijs Terlouw
Job T.B. van t Veer
Hylke W. van Dijk
Jelle T. Prins
Jean Pierre E.N. Pierie
{iLift}: A health behavior change support system for lifting and transfer techniques to prevent lower-back injuries in healthcareArticle2016
NoopurSingh:2015Noopur Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Adelita V. Ranchor
Robbert Sanderman
Family Support to Improve Physical Activity in COPD: Game as a Research ToolInProceedings2015
Wartena:2015Bard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Play It Safe; A Situational Game for Occupational SafetyInProceedings2015
NoopurSingh:2015bNoopur Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Adelita V. Ranchor
Robbert Sanderman
Enabling Family Support for COPD patients through GameInProceedings2015
Tabak:2015Monique Tabak
Marit Dekker-van Weering
Hylke W. van Dijk
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten
Promoting Daily Physical Activity by Means of Mobile Gaming: A Review of the State of the ArtArticle2015
Singh:2015aAbhigyan Singh
Hylke W. van Dijk
Bard O. Wartena
Natalia Romero
David Keyson
Electric City: Uncovering Social Dimensions and Values of Sharing Renewable Energy through GamingInProceedings2015
LudgerVanDijk:2015Ludger van Dijk
Corrie van der Sluis
Hylke W. van Dijk
Raoul Bongers
Task-oriented gaming for transfer to prosthesis useArticle2015
Wartena:2014Bard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Ludo Modi Varietas; A Game-architecture inspired design approach for BCSSInProceedings2014
VanDijk:2014H.W. van Dijk
B.O. Wartena
G. Wiersma
J. Botger
Chasing the sinusoid: Extrinsic motivation and monitoring of friction loaded squat exercise trainingInProceedings2014
Wartena:2013bBard O. Wartena
Hylke W. van Dijk
Bias Blaster Aiding Cognitive Bias Modification-Interpretation through a bubble shooter induced game-flowArticle2013
Wartena:2013cBard O. Wartena
Derek A. Kuipers
Hylke W. van Dijk
Play It Safe; Subliminal Learning Through a Situational Occupational Safety GameArticle2013
Hylke:2012Hylke W. van DijkSerious Gaming en de Design ParadoxLecture2012

Reports, workshops etc

Nr of publications: 7

P-Marel:2016Floris van der Marel
Sine Celik
Sarah Bork
Hylke W. van Dijk
The Boating Party; simulating sustainable boating in FryslanWorkshop2016
VanDijk:2014bHylke W. van DijkSerious Gaming in de PolderMisc2014
P-VanDijk:2012cHylke W. van DijkSitgamesPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2012bHylke W. van Dijk
Boudewijn Dijkstra
Gezond oud worden met serious games; inspiratie als innovatiePresentation2012
TR-VanDijk:2012Hylke W. van Dijk
Eric H. Voigt
Situational games; a white paperTechReport2012
P-VanDijk:2012Hylke W. van Dijk
Jan Jaap Severs
{HaSeGa}: Healthy Aging through Serious GamingPresentation2012
P-VanDijk:2011Hylke W. van Dijk
Friso Roolvink
Serious Games in de klasPresentation2011

Other Publications


Hylke:2004Hylke W. van DijkDemocratic Processing; mastering the complexity of communicating systemsPhdThesis2004
VanDijk:93Hylke W. van DijkOn the exploration of the space of {Jacobi} algorithms MasterThesis1993


Nr of publications: 26

Bijwaard:2014Denis J.A. Bijwaard
Berend Jan van der Zwaag
Nirvana Meratnia
Hylke W. van Dijk
Henk E. Eertink
Paul J.M. Havinga
Reuse of pervasive system architecturesArticle2014
Schwartz:2011R.S. Schwartz
A.E. Ohazulike
H.W. van Dijk
J. Scholten
Analysis of Utility-Based Data Dissemination Approaches in VANETsInProceedings2011
Schwartz:2011bR.S. Schwartz
H.W. van Dijk
J. Scholten
Towards Opportunistic Sensed Data Dissemination in Vehicular EnvironmentsInProceedings2011
Meratnia:2010N. Meratnia
B.J. van der Zwaag
H.W. van Dijk
D.J.A. Bijwaard
P.J.M. Havinga
Sensor Networks in the Low LandsArticle2010
Khatib:2010M. G. Khatib
P. H. Hartel
H.W. van Dijk
Energy-Efficient Streaming Using Non-volatile MemoryArticle2010
Khatib:2009M. G. Khatib
H.W. van Dijk
Fast Configuration of MEMS-Based Storage Devices for Streaming ApplicationsInProceedings2009
Scholten:2008J. Scholten
H.W. van Dijk
Home Network SecurityInProceedings2008
VanDijk:2007H.W. van Dijk
J. Scholten
A. Tobalina
V. {Garc\'{\i}a} {Mu\~{n}oz}
S. Milanini
A. Kung
Open Home Networks: the TEAHA ApproachInProceedings2007
Scholten:2006Hans Scholten
Hylke W. van Dijk
Danny De Cock
Bart Preneel
Michel D'Hooge
Antonio Kung
Secure Service Discovery in Home NetworksInProceedings2006
Lormans:2005Marco Lormans
Hylke W. van Dijk
Arie van Deursen
Eric N\"{o}cker
Aart de Zeeuw
Omgaan met requirements inoutsourcing projectenArticle2005
Graaf:2005Bas Graaf
Hylke W. van Dijk
Arie van Deursen
Evaluating an Embedded Software Reference Architecture; Industrial Experience ReportInProceedings2005
VanDijk:2005H.W. van Dijk
Henk J. Sips
Context Aware Process NetworksArticle2005
VanDijk:2005bHylke W. van Dijk
Bas Graaf
Rob Boerman
On the Systematic Conformance Check of Software ArtefactsInProceedings2005
Lormans:2004Marco Lormans
Hylke W. van Dijk
Arie van Deursen
Eric N\"{o}cker
Aart de Zeeuw
Managing Evolving Requirements in an Outsourcing Context: An Industrial Experience ReportInProceedings2004
VanDijk:2003H.W. van Dijk
Henk J. Sips
Ed F. Deprettere
Context Aware Process NetworksInProceedings2003
Schaaf:2002J.R. Taal
K. Langendoen
A. van der Schaaf
H.W. van Dijk
R.L. Lagendijk
Adaptive End-To-End Optimization of Mobile Video Streaming Using {QoS} NegotiationInProceedings2002
VanDijk:2002Hylke W. van Dijk
Henk. J. Sips
Ed F. Deprettere
On context-aware process networksInProceedings2002
VanDijk:mmsa2000Hylke W. van Dijk
Application of {ARC} in system designInProceedings2000
VanDijk:2000Hylke W. van Dijk
Koen Langendoen
Henk Sips
{ARC}: a Bottom-Up Approach to Negotiated {QoS}InProceedings2000
VanDijk:1996H.W. van Dijk
Hekstra, G. J.
Deprettere, E. F.
Jacobi-specific processor arraysInProceedings1996
VanDijk:95H.W. van Dijk
G.J. Hekstra
E.F. Deprettere
Scalable parallel processor array for {Jacobi}-type matrix computationsArticle1995
Deprettere:icassp94Ed F. Deprettere
Hylke W. van Dijk
Gerben J. Hekstra
A {'Jacobi'} signal processing unit for time-adaptive {SVD}InProceedings1994
VanDijk:Spie94Hylke W. van Dijk
Ed. F. Deprettere
Systematic exploration of the space of {Jacobi} algorithmsInProceedings1994
VanDijk:prorisc94Ed F. Deprettere
Hylke W. van Dijk
Gerben J. Hekstra
A {'Jacobi'} signal processing unit for time-adaptive {SVD}InProceedings1994
VanDijk:SVD94Hylke W. van Dijk
Ed. F. Deprettere
Transformational reasoning on time-adaptive {Jacobi} type algorithmsInProceedings1994
Kapteijn:vlsi94Paul Kapteijn
Hylke W. van Dijk
Ed F. Deprettere
Controlling the critical path in time adaptive { $QR^{-1}$ } recursionsInProceedings1994

Reports etc

Nr of publications: 7

CTIT/10/37R.S. Schwartz
H.W. van Dijk
J. Scholten
Application Interaction Model for Opportunistic NetworkingTechReport2010
Hylke:2005H.W. van DijkEen werkend automatiseringssysteem; compositionaliteit blijft lastigColumn2005
VanDijk:2004aHylke W. van Dijk
Bas Graaf
Workshop Embedded System ArchitectingWorkshop2004
Ubicom/P/R/1999/6Hylke W. van Dijk
Kees van Reeuwijk
{The first Ubicom prototype}TechReport1999
Ubicom/P/R/1999/17Hylke W. van DijkModels in {Ubicom} contextTechReport1999
Held:93Peter Held
Hylke W. van Dijk
Ed Deprettere
Development of the {SVD}-updating algorithm using {HiFi}TechReport1993
H.W. van Dijk
A semi-formal approach to deriving {Jacobi}-Type systolic arrays for adaptive {DSP} problemsTechReport1993


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