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The research group Serious Gaming of the [NHL University of Applied Sciences] bridges socially relevant and serious objectives into concrete artifacts of the creative and gaming industry. Our research is oriented to a practical yet systematic method of exploring elements of game technology and game play, which combined with a decomposition of the serious objective yields a concept for a serious game. Serious games implement measurable targets through motivated and inspired play. The field of serious games is very wide. At the NHL we concentrate on situational games (sitgames). Games that are played at a location in interaction with that location. Situational games can have many formats but share a focus on Mediated Reality, Story Telling, and Moderation. The group deploys an experimental methodology of research, which implies that we create concrete artifacts that are assessed in practical situations. Experience is an important communication vehicle among the many disciplines that are involved in the development of a serious game and its subsequent deployment. Our research and development activities are supported by a range of Laboratories.

Selected projects

De Meester de BaasSIAEffective communication among teachers and highly gifted pupils in primary education
Energy SharingUCFInter-household ‘Sharing’ of Renewable Energy
FDFNHLFrisian Design Factory
OngezoutenSprint@WorkUnsalted or unseasoned is programme to assist people in controlling their salt intake
Patient AdherenceUCFPatient adherence to recommended activity
PlayItSafeProgrammeUsing sitgames to improve occupational safety
SiGaLabNHLSimulation and Gaming lab to further 21st Century skills


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13 September 2018Segacanvas.org onlineNews item: 2018-09-13 10:00
13 June 2018De Meester de Baas on Dutch national radioNews item: 2018-06-13 11:00
16 December 2017Teenagers assist the police in catching villainsNews item: 2017-12-16 10:00
11 December 2017Serious Games for Occupational SafetyNews item: 2017-12-11 10:00
8 September 2017Start of the master serious gaming course 2017News item: 2017-09-08 9:00
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26 January 2016HylkeStudent project presentations (Sem 1 of 2015/2016)Colloquium: 2016-01-26 11:00
12 January 2016Bard WartenaCreating the Game Mechanics DatabaseColloquium: 2016-01-12 11:00
3 November 2015Ludger van Dijk (RUG)Using game technology to train upper arm prosthetic usersColloquium: 2015-11-03 11:00
13 October 2015NoopurGame Jam: Involve family in behaviour change; game as a research instrumentColloquium: 2015-10-13 11:00
2 June 2015Ronnie NelisGame AnalyticsColloquium: 2015-06-02 11:00
Archived colloquia


authortitletypeyearmore ...
Abhigyan Singh
Alex T. Strating
N.A. Romero Herrera
Debotosh Mahato
David V. Keyson
Hylke W. van Dijk
Exploring peer-to-peer returns in off-grid renewable energy systems in rural India: An anthropological perspective on local energy sharing and tradingArticle2018Singh:2018
Djoerd HiemstraWat is talent? naar een inclusieve benadering van talentontwikkelingArticle2018Hiemstra:2018b
Anne Rohn
Steven de Rooij
Herkenning en erkenning van hoogbegaafde leerlingen in het basisonderwijsArticle2018Rohn:2018
Djoerd Hiemstra
Nico W. Van Yperen
Marieke E. Timmerman
Students' effort allocation to their perceived strengths and weaknesses: The moderating effect of instructional strategy Article2018Hiemstra:2018
Anne Rohn
Stven de Rooij
De Meester de Baas; een serious game voor leerkrachten over hoogbegaafdheidArticle2018Rohn:2018b
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Research Lines

Business Models for Serious GamesExploration and generation of business models for serious gaming
ImplementationImplementation of serious gaming in the work process of organisations and individuals
Mediated RealityMediated Reality is the juxtaposition of reality and virtuality
ModerationModeration finds the balance between emergent and controlled game play
Palpable ComputingPalpable computing and Tangible User Interfaces
SitGamesSituational Gaming: games and gaming in participation with the situation
Story TellingStory telling, how to develop interactive, persuasive stories
Windows on the WorldWindows on the world take a common configuration and explore interaction

Show case

Whenever possible we publish games online.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the chair of the serious gaming research group: dr.ir. Hylke W. van Dijk.

If you would like to contribute please request a user account by email: h.w.vandijk@nhl.nl.


Serious Games Database

We are collecting information about serious games as we stumble upon them. Please have a look at our SeGaDatabase. You can browse games and contribute.

The database currently holds 5 entries.

Serious Gaming Bibliography

Like games we are collecting publications and background information about projects and games. Your are cordially invited to browse the database or contribute at SeGaBibliography.

The bibliography holds 68 entries.

Serious Gaming Projects

See SeGaProjectBase for an in-depth exploration of our on-going, completed, and prospective projects.

Running projects

CH2018NHLImplementationLeeuwarden Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018
Social Media
De Meester de BaasSIASitGameEffective communication among teachers and highly gifted pupils in primary education
Windows on the World
an interactive three dimensional representation of a scene
Energy SharingUCFModerationInter-household ‘Sharing’ of Renewable Energy
FDFNHLImplementationFrisian Design Factory
Fieldlab:UMCG-CvRCoEHealthyAgeingeXplabsFieldlab UMCG CvR, children rehabilitation
GEMMNHLSitGameGamE Mechanics Monitor
MAGGYCLICK/GatherSitGameInteractive activity coaching for elderly
MaritimeSafetyRAAKSitGamesSafety at sea programme
OngezoutenSprint@WorkImplementationUnsalted or unseasoned is programme to assist people in controlling their salt intake
OrgSpiegelAppStudentSitGamesOrganisation mirror app, interface for interviewers
OrganisatieSpiegelStudentSitGamesOrganisation mirror to unobtrusively measure fitness for change of organisations
Patient AdherenceUCFModerationPatient adherence to recommended activity
PlayItSafeProgrammeSitGamesUsing sitgames to improve occupational safety
Prosthesis TrainerSPRINTPalpable ComputingThe Prosthesis Trainer project envisions the use of video games to train people using a hand prosthesis
Road Safety GamesLectoraat Serious Gaming
SitGamesGames to improve safety of road workers
Rome GamesStudentValidationPlatform for Historic Reasoning games, situated in Rome (200 BC)
SPRINTZonMWModerationSmart Prevention, Rehabilitation & INtervention Technologies for improved mobility
Story Telling
Apraxia of speech therapy game
SiGaLabNHLSitGamesSimulation and Gaming lab to further 21st Century skills
TsiuLectoraat Serious GamingWindows on the World
Mediated Reality
Story Telling
Playground laboratory to further development and application of serious gaming technology
SitGamesScrabble like game to improve awareness of daily activity

Serious Gaming knowledge base

See Knowledgebase for a growing unordered set of links, tools, and facts.

Call for Papers

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Various topics and preliminary research results are discussed in the Research:Main section. Unfortunately, access to this section is limited to members of staff.

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