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Property:Project Scrabble like game to improve awareness of daily activity

[Wordfit] is now available as webplayer



The Game

WordFit is a scrabble like game that adheres to the personality and lifestyle rhythm of elderly suffering from COPD and comparable deceases. This group of patients benefits from a controlled level of activity during the day. Doing too much as well as doing too little will set them back.

Wordfit adheres to the personality and engagement of players in combination with their life style as follows:

  • Personality X Engagement
    • Harmony
    • Novelty
    • Explore
  • Five o’clock contemplation
    • coffee (with friends) and
  • Named play examples
    • scrabble
    • rummikub
    • monument valley


  1. Alert awareness of one’s activity
    • ok - almost ok - not ok
  1. Trigger inspection of activity trace
    • informed - comment - modify

Game mechanics

  • Simple progression mechanics
    • Create a scrabble like trail of words from start to finish
  • Enable play
    • minimal set of rules, goals and achievements
    • the player is in the driving seat
  • Reference
    • potje knikkeren (play at marbles)


The Game

wordfit-trafficlight.png wordfit-hammer.png

  • receive your hammers based on your daily activity
  • Cross words from
 start to finish
  • Bring down barriers
  • Play your own game
  • Get help from your
activity coach

Feedback and Play


  • Activity coach provides daily activity
  • receive hammer(s) based on your score as indicated by a traffic light
  • Open dictionary, the player is the referee when it comes to admissible words
  • Statistics are available that can be used to create onss' own competition
    • nr of words used
    • time spent
    • activity

Early concepts

Animal Balance

Animal Balance is a game in which elderly people are stimulated to increase their activity level by taking care of cute virtual pets.

The goal of the game is to keep a baby animal from falling out of balance. When the player’s activity level is too low or too high, the baby pet leans to the left or to the right, warning the player to watch his activity level. When the activity level is critical, the baby animal loses his balance completely and falls over.

The longer your pet stays up, the more points you get. This way the player can get ‘winning streaks’, having the right activity level for several days.

Points can be used to buy new animals. This way, the player has a reason to come back and play the game for a longer period. Who doesn’t want the rare zebra striped baby lion?! To keep the player curious, the store only shows silhouettes in the store. Each animal has its own unique character that shows in different animations.

The balancing baby pet is direct feedback of the player’s activity level. This is also the first thing you will see when you open the application. To see a more detailed view, there is a stats screen which shows the graph of the activity level. The balancing pet has a few animations that also give the player feedback in a figural way

AnimalBalance-ok.png AnimalBalance-outofbalance.png AnimalBalance-tripped.png AnimalBalance-stats.png


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